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This is a question I’m asked all the time, and I wonder if it might echo your own thoughts. I’d be surprised if it didn’t, because in 30+ years I’ve yet to meet.


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Latest Blog Posts

A great Canadian company and its equally great CEO

Published by Alan Friedman on Oct 23, 2017

There’s a terrific article in Forbes about a great Canadian company and its equally great CEO. The company is Brookfield Asset Management and the CEO, who has been compared to Warren Buffett, is Bruce...

Additions to the Interesting Reading Section

Published by Alan Friedman on Oct 19, 2017

We’ve added two new books to our Interesting Reading tab -- Partners in Preservation: How to Know your Advisor is Truly Protecting your Wealth by Mo Lidsky and Willing Wisdom by Dr. Tom Deans, PhD. Both...

New at the Yorkville Branch

Published by Alan Friedman on Jul 06, 2017

The wealthier you are, the more unique and complex your financial needs tend to be —  and the more it takes to maintain and preserve those assets. Because of our integrated approach, in addition to benefiting...

Power of Knowledge

Published by Alan Friedman on Jul 05, 2017

Because we believe so strongly in the power of knowledge we are always on the look out for informative and inspiring books, seminars, videos etc. that we can benefit from ourselves and share with you....