A financial advisor’s role isn’t simply to deliver performance. Industry research proves that an advisor’s success depends more on establishing a ‘connection’ with clients. You have to build a relationship based on trust. These comments, from some of our clients, speak volumes…

To be honest, with all the market ups and downs we were afraid we’d lost a lot of money. But thanks to you, even in times like this, you still managed to make a good profit on our investment.
Vera Fisch
...I started working with Alan in the mid 1980s and not only has my portfolio withstood the turbulent times, it has made steady and impressive gains no matter what the financial weather...
Leonard Simpson
What I really value most about working with Alan and his team is, they listen — and, as a result,our portfolio is managed according to our tolerance for risk; and we always feel comfortable regardless of the market conditions. We’ve been working together for years and they always give us great advice and great service.
Gary Marcus
Over the years I’ve met with many advisors who’ve talked about how much money they’ll make me. Not Alan. He told me he’d concentrate on making sure I didn’t lose money; and he’s consistently delivered.
Dennis Bennie
As CEO of Midland Walwyn I had 1,500 advisors to choose from, for myself. I chose Alan and among the many reasons I’ve stayed with him for more than 20 years are his integrity and his commitment to his clients — but above all else I value his advice.
Robert Schultz
For the first time in a long time, I had a clear understanding about an investment style; not to mention a far better grasp of how the market works overall. Amazing.
Michael Paul
I just wanted to say that the meeting we had is still fresh in my mind. It's so nice to meet individuals who truly care about the financial obligations and outcome for their clients……me, of course, being one of them.
Victoria Cooper
... I love that Alan knows what I don’t need to, and that he’s learned my comfort level on risk and returns. He’s consistently grown my capital and kept my portfolio healthy for over two decades; and over the years, any time I played the field I learned quickly that I already had the best...
Sue Jaffe

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